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About SecuMedia

SecuMedia is your partner in de creation of professional texts in the field of security and safety. It can concern whitepapers about services and products, leaflets, case studies, but also newsletters and even press releases. SecuMedia keeps your website up-to-date together with you, but can also create and maintain new websites, newsletters and channels on social media. For all activities quality and total care are the principles.

SecuMedia works close together with leading publishers. So as our partner for content production you can be sure about a wide reach.

SecuMedia apply tariffs with an optimum balance between price and performance. This is possible by working extremely efficiently. SecuMedia does not spend money on an expensive office, works completely paperless and instead of permanent staff we only work with professional partners who get paid per job or per hour that they actually work.

Contentmarketing is your knowledge in a language that your customers understand

Content marketing

How can you distinguish yourself from competitors offering similar products and services at first glance, but in the meantime for lower prices? Higher quality? Faster service? Customer focus? Everyone says that! But with content marketing you can make the difference.

SecuMedia helps you to bring your distinctive features on the stage with journalistic productions. For example: leading clients explain why they have chosen for your organization. You can publish these productions on your own website, but you can also profit from the wide range of media with whom we work closely together. This ensures that messages about your business go directly viral through popular websites, newsletters and social media, so you get an optimally reach at your target group.

A press release that complements the expectations of the average journalist. A blog that gives your website visitors a pleasant feeling. A white paper that lets your customers really understand how it works .... SecuMedia is not doing this for you, but with you, so we can achieve the best of both worlds together.

Your website is your frontdoor to succes!


That the Internet is by far the main source of information has become without doubt. But how do you introduce yourself on the Internet? With a website that was updated a decade ago? SecuMedia can help optimize your presence on the World Wide Web. Not only with a clear, fast and secure website, of course, but also with its content and regular news, so that visitors will return ever and ever.

For as low as 99 euros per month, you have a nice website with information about your company, your services / products, your credentials, a news / blog page and a contact form. A website that's looks on your computer just as beautifully as on your tablet and smartphone. A website with search engine optimizations; so it will easily be found with search engines and which is protected with encryption (https) and prevention of virtually all common hacks.

Extra pages are possible against additional charge, as well as implementation of Google Analytics, a newsletter, links to social media, video reports and online sales. Additionally SecuMedia can help improve your existing website or keep it up to date.

SecuMedia works transparently and almost exclusively with proven open source software. This is not only beneficial, but also ensures that you use worldwide accepted technology. Moreover, you will never depend on SecuMedia and you are assured of developments that are generated by an existing community of thousands of professionals.

The visualization of your knowledge and quality

Company magazines

A business card of glossy A4 pages in brilliant colors. What kind of impression gives that? In such a beautiful magazine (potential) customers get an incomparable view of the performance of your organization. Existing clients can express their satisfaction. Your specialists can tell how with their training and years of experience your organization can contribute to the knowledge of your relationships. And you can deepen the strength of your services and products, so that your customers become able to benefit for one hundred percent of your innovations.

SecuMedia has thirty years of experience in journalism and graphic design and has a professional network of freelance journalists and photographers. Based on your wishes and ideas we manufacture your business magazines from concept to delivery. This can of course be on paper and online. Let us inform you without obligation about the power of this professional marketing tool.

The most powerful social network still consists of professionals who meet each other in a pleasant ambiance


Would you like to offer your customers a bit more than product presentations by your own sales people in your company or in a boring hotel?

SecuMedia has extensive experience in organizing events at prime locations like RAI Amsterdam, Jaarbeurs Utrecht, musea, colleges and high-risk locations. Our network also contains hundreds of outstanding speakers that can reinforce your message in an inspiring way. Whether it's an exhibition, a seminar or a conference; together we can make it a memorable day for relations. It will result in a huge boost for the image and reputation of your company!

Moreover SecuMedia can make a professional record of the event, so that its effect will continue for many years on your website, social media and the powerful channels of SecuMedia.

What is more useful than working together for a safer society?

Our always enthusiastic team

Vincent Vreeken

Vincent Vreeken

With some 30 years of journalistic experience, mostly gained in the famous Dutch magazine BEVEILIGING, Vincent knows as no other how supply and demand in the security market works and how communication develops within our interesting sector. After technical high school, he skilled his self in writing, photography, graphical design, business, video, organizing events, building websites and producing content marketing.

Diana Hetem

With decades of diverse experience in various administrative jobs, Diana is an expert in running the back office of SecuMedia with a very friendly approach of our partners. In addition, she supports us with high-quality editorial support, translations and productions of powerful and clear texts. She knows situations to assess perfect from the perspective of the consumer. And of course it is for those consumers, that finally do our best so much all together.

Our Centipedes

SecuMedia has no permanent staff, but works with a network of qualified and reliable partners in the fields of technology, web design, events organizing, recruitment, accountancy and a whole series of things that others can simply do better than we. Therefore we always have the right specialists at hand, which only cost money when there is work to do. At this way we can keep the costs low, the expertise high and the flexibility at maximum!

The customer

By far our most important team member are you, the customer, or rather: our partner. At SecuMedia it is not: You ask, we deliver. You are 1. We are 1. And together we are 3! The best solutions for communication can only be achieved if we work intensively together and if our skills, knowledge, culture and experience are thrown integral into the battle. Furthermore, you are our existence. Therefore, you should not be missing in this overview.

As a partner of SecuMedia you are in good company

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